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Hello everyone, sorry for the recent delay in information. The tournament is still on. Each team has been contacted with their respective match times. These times are slated to take place on August 31st, starting at 1700 EST. Make sure you're familiar with the rules if you're going to play in the tournament, otherwise, I'll be streaming them on Twitch if you'd prefer to spectate (I cannot guarantee high quality). The twitch account is TheFiftySeventhSector. The Practice playlist will be made, and released the night of August 26th, To give teams time to practice, and learn the maps.

In the meantime, get ready everyone.

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Hi everybody (hopefully someone is reading these, I've said, info will go up here first). We're getting close to the first matches for the tournament, but we've still got a few more days of signups. As of right now though, we're hovering at right around 17 teams (I say hovering because some interested players have not brought forward their partners yet, they've still got time). The tournament is going to be a simple, single elimination bracket. Meaning, if you lose, you're out. Harsh, but fair, so get that practice in, and be ready.

Also, I want to make clear a few rules for playing your matches. They're simple, and most of you probably already follow them. They are as follows:

  • All players must have FREE-AIM targeting mode. At the beginning of a match, every player must pause their game, navigate to their settings page, and take a screenshot. After the match, all players must send me their screenshot. If a team does not send me thei... Read more »
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Welcome to season 1, of my Combat Excellency Tournament. This tournament is your opportunity to show just how effective you, and your partner, are at slaying bodies. So let’s get straight into the details.

Firstly, teams have until August 5th, 2016 to pre-register. Pre-registered teams will play their matches first. On August 10th, all teams participating teams must be registered. On August 15th, the first match scheduale will be made available, awith the first match being played on at the latest August 19... Read more »

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