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Hey there everyone. As you may see, some very small changes have been made here on the site. They're nothing drastic but I just wanted to detail them, as well as the upcoming play schedule for the life games(Yes, they're not gone, they're still happening, just had to work around a couple of things first).

First up, as you can see, I cleaned the news page of all the old stories. Just because I felt like doing so, so live with it. The old posts are still in the announcements section of the forum, if you might want them for, whatever reason.

From there, there's some new pages, these are MAINly important to Malicious Intentt men and women (Did ja see what I did there? MAINly. Get it? Fine don't laugh at my jokes). Either way that's the affiliates page up to the top, just details some crews I affiliate with, nothing special.

Third up,... Read more »

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